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How To Unpack Your House!

If moving house wasn’t stressful enough, especially after your friendly home removal company has loaded all of your household furniture into the van and moved you out of your old residence and into the new, you are then blessed with the arduous task of unpacking!

Don’t Forget The Broadband

Maybe go for a Sky TV package or opt for BT, but watch out as this can take up to 6 weeks to get set up – especially if you’re moving into a new build, where there may not be an existing phone line. 

Be Prepared

During your house move, it’s crucial to keep a rucksack or small holiday bag at your side with numerous essentials in. For example phone chargers, coffee, passports and sensitive information relating to your house sale and the new property – have everything at your fingertips!


Once your removal company has left, make sure you inspect your new property with a fine-tooth comb to check for existing damage or any accidental bumps your movers might have made during the unloading. You never know what botched DIY the previous owners have left you or what the removal company might try to get away with! If you’ve had a packing service with your removals firm, the boxes should all be labelled correctly and be in the correct destinations in your new house. Do a quick check and make sure the odd box hasn’t gone astray in the wrong room.

Unpacking The Right Way

The first port of call when unpacking should be the kitchen. Assume your partner and children will at least want some cutlery to eat their Chinese takeaway with! Once eating is out the way, start on your master bedroom or if you’re in with a chance of some TV – attack the living room. Most people do the kitchen, then eat and unpack a few essential bedroom items. This then leaves the main part of the house until the next morning.

Check For Damage

Once you’re up in the morning and easing yourself into the unpacking, start checking for damage. If you’ve hired a competent removals company, then the damage should be minimal. However, as part of the wear and tear of the move, there’s always a little damage. This is unfortunately just par for the course when moving house.

Obviously, the extent of such damage depends on whom you have hired and how well packed your belongings were! Even the professionals can get it wrong. It simply depends on your individual circumstances on the day.

Your cool off from the removal day is typically 10 days so act within this timeframe if you need to claim for damage. Most accomplished removal companies will have insurance and it’s not only BAR registered firms that carry it. Take photos of any valuable items that are damaged and if it went on their inventory pre-move you won’t have any problems.

Key Release

Delays in getting the keys can happen, even if the rest of your house move has gone to plan. Get in early and make sure the estate agent has got the keys waiting for you to collect.


Unused boxes can be recycled by your removal company, so after you have finished, flatten down those boxes and get in touch. Most companies will then come back and pick this up for recycling or reuse. Most firms offer a bespoke unpacking service, now so book them in for afterwards and save yourself the hassle.

Finally, now you have your new address, don’t forget to update everything! Banks, council, business, energy suppliers, insurance – the list is endless. Set aside an evening, stick the radio on and let everyone know about your new house!