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How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

Moving house can be an expensive game if you don’t get organised and clear out your loft or garage!

Deciding to conduct home removals yourself can be just as expensive as choosing a local removal company.

Home removals can be pricey if you choose the wrong company. Local firms with great connections, specialist teams and low overheads can keep the cost right down. Additionally, you can benefit from a highly personalised service including clearing out all your rubbish (on time) and disposing of unwanted goods on your behalf.

Opting to pack belongings yourself and get removal boxes from your chosen home removals company can also be a cost-effective option. Leicester Storers & Movers provide a half packing service for your kitchen and provide you with the remaining boxes for your move. However, choosing the right removal company in Leicester shouldn’t be a decision based solely on cost.

Entrusting a team of individuals (whom you’ve never met) with your worldly possessions for a day is an important decision to take – so reputation is key! Check out our reviews on Google and don’t forget to ask friends and family who they use – you can’t get better than a personal recommendation. 

The following information is taken into consideration before sending out a price for a home removal quote:

  1. Volume – Regardless of the number of bedrooms in a house, the total volume of goods is of primary importance when generating a quote for a home removal. How much stuff do you have? Somebody living in a two-bedroom apartment could have more items than those living in a five-bedroom house, where the occupant only lives in one bedroom! Your removal contractor should send somebody around who can give an accurate cubic measurement of all of your goods combined and understand what vehicle your goods will require ensuring safe delivery.

  2. Distance – Do you require a long-distance home removal or is it a local house move? The mileage your goods need to travel and how long it takes to transport them to your new home is the second most important consideration when providing a price for a home removal.

  3. Required Man-Hours – How long is it going to take to load your goods onto the van? The number of staff required and how long it takes your removal firm to get the job done is the third most critical aspect of providing your long-awaited quote. There is a myriad of variants including packing services, poor access and a high quantity of goods that need to be dismantled before they leave your house and re-assembled at the other end!

Here are some rough prices that firms should be charging for your house move. However, before taking a peek – take note! Many make the assumption that price is directly linked with house size, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

  • 1-2 bed house/apartment (local), £450-£900

  • 2-3 bed house local, £550-1000

  • 3-4 bed house locally, £750-1200

  • 4-5 bed house large, £1000+

Packing services obviously depend on volume, staff required and packing materials used.

  • 1-2 bed house, £200

  • 2-3 bed house, £300

  • 3-4 bed house, £400

  • 5+ bed house, £500+

We’re a small, specialist team with solid experience in long-distance, luxury and large volume house moves. Being family-run, we can provide a personalised service at efficient prices.

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