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9 Top Moving Tips

Moving House can be an arduous, stressful day and well, that’s what everybody says – but if you get your ship in order and make the correct preparations pre-removal day, it will only be the lawyers on the day that make hard work of your house sale!

Here are 9 top moving tips to help you along the way:

  1. Make sure you pack all your belongings with the new location in mind. For example, if your sofa is going in the conservatory in your new home, label this item conservatory which will save valuable time on moving day.
  2. Move or reposition items that will obstruct your home removal team on a moving day. For example, any coat hangers or shoe racks that live behind your front door, bins and BBQ’s loitering in your side exits beside your house which are useful access points on moving day.
  3. Make sure your boxes are labelled correctly to ensure the correct location in the new house. Write in a clear marker pen on the top and side of the box and create a floor plan for your removal team. Include the labelling system for the rooms in the new house. E.g, MB ground floor (master bedroom floor).
  4. Make sure personal effects are out of reach of removal men and marked clearly. Put these on your main bed or in your dining room on a table or worktop. Include all-important moving documents that you will need for estate agents.
  5. Make sure all heavy boxes are kept separate from boxes containing breakable items such as crockery, small pictures and fragile goods, so they don’t get stacked together on the removal truck.
  6. Pack boxes ¼ full of books or other heavy items. Don’t pack boxes all the way to the top. Use appropriate boxes for items. E.g, use small boxes for breakable items like glassware so they are protected and compact!
  7. Make sure all bottles and foodstuff have lids that are fastened to avoid spillages onto your furniture and other electrical items.
  8. Pack mirrors face to face with a layer of bubble wrap in between and then tape them together. This is the best way to avoid damage. Shrinkwrap the top and corners to avoid them getting chipped or damaged.
  9. Any soft items like duvets and pillows are best bagged up in order to save boxes and use them as protection when loading the removal truck for your move.

Hopefully, these top moving tips will help your day run smoother and less stressful than otherwise. If you are looking for a fast quote for your homes move, then submit your inventory, send us your details and we’ll call you back or drop us a line on 0116 43000 32