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How To Relocate Your Office

Moving a company or office is vastly different to moving an individual household or home.

Moving an office packed with employees, computers and servers requires significantly more planning. Also, your timeframe in which to conduct this mass move of staff and equipment is a lot smaller. By this, we mean business hours and production of your company are a crucial consideration. Avoiding disruption to services and working hours must be considered at every opportunity.

Your newly allotted spaces must be measured accurately and employee relaxation and dining zones must be a priority before allotted office working space. A clear division between the two is critical to enable a balanced working environment.

The printer and servers will be tough to move! Your designated professional office mover can be entrusted with these alone or you can call the company who provided you with them and ask them to move these privately as part of the deal for usage.

An assessment on re-assemble and dismantling of boardroom furniture and long conference tables must be made and factored into the timeframe of the business move. If minimal disruption is the goal, staff desks should be loaded after work on a Friday and re-delivered on a Saturday morning. The weekend allows time for any minor hiccups or misjudgements on space ready for Monday morning to resume operations as normal.

Boxes and strong crates for computers should be delivered at the start of the week. The under desk drawers and all personal effects should begin to be packed in the days leading up to Friday and then the PC’s packed the last thing. Desks should be labelled in accordance with your boxes and crates,  so they can be found and linked with a desk and floor plan at the new office. This ensures that when the removal team arrives, they have a corresponding label from a desk and boxes that correspond with a floor number and desk space.

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