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Why Choose a Packing Service from your Removal Company?

At LMS we appreciate a home removal is an expensive service to purchase after solicitors, estate agents and surveys, all in the current cost of living crisis! However, adding a ‘removals packing service’ makes paying for movers all the more justified and we will tell you why!

Planning & Prep

When you book your removals company, you will commonly find they come and visit your property several months in advance.

With house sales still very slow post Covid-19, the average survey to move time is 3-4 months. This is a long period to go between obtaining a quote and the actual moving day. We appreciate that a lot of things change in this period – clients can either gain more items or manage to have a good clear-out before they move. Therefore, booking in a packing service is a major advantage in gaining up-to-date information on the situation your property is in during those days prior to your completion day.

The main advantages of having a packing service are:

  1. Allowing your movers to see where you’re at with the organisation at your property, days rather than months before completion (moving day).
  2. Often the packers who come will be the movers on your completion day – so they can organise the move the day before, ensuring the removal process is faster – transporting items downstairs or into an empty room, dismantling beds and wardrobes, organising garage/gardens to the front of properties – so they are ready to go.
  3. Bringing down loft items.
  4. Labelling items correctly as to where they are being delivered in your new home.
  5. Constructing a floor plan of the new home so the labelled items end up in the correct rooms.


Another key consideration is insurance. Whilst of course with a reputable removals company you will be insured for your move whether you are self-packed or professionally packed; the likelihood of damage is statistically higher in a self-packed move.

If an item is damaged during your move, then your removals firm will contact their specialist insurance company. The insurance provider is likely to ask, “was this move packed by your company or the home mover?”. If the move was self-packed there is the potential that the insurance company may not pay out in the case of poor packing.

Who should opt for a packing service?

At LMS we recommend choosing a packing service, particularly in the case of long-distance moves (including overseas) and removals that are going into storage. These types of moves have a higher risk of damage to goods and a professional packing service can limit the risk. The reason they are at a higher risk is due to the amount of handling your items receive or the amount of time there are in transit – both points contribute to damage risk.

A packing service is for you if you…

  • Want to decrease your stress levels on moving day
  • Are organising a move for a friend/relative who is not able to pack themselves
  • Are moving overseas
  • Are moving over 100 miles away from your current location
  • Are moving into temporary storage
  • Want to decrease the chance of damages in your move

If you are moving soon and would like a quotation for your move, please contact us on 0116 43000 47 and our friendly team is here to help you. Why not get a quote today?