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Where To Move To In Hinckley & Nuneaton

There are lots of good reasons to move to Nuneaton or Hinckley. With an excellent location close to Birmingham, Warwick and Leamington Spa, along with a wide range of property at very affordable prices, these two neighbouring towns on either side of the A5 are a bargain hunter’s paradise. So next question is – where are the best places?

Transport Links

M6 motorway

Being in the Midlands, Hinckley & Nuneaton have a great range of transport links. From stations to motorways, many great places to visit are within easy reach:

  • Birmingham: Train 37 mins (Hinckley), 29 mins (Nuneaton), drive around 40 mins (Hinckley), 32 mins (Nuneaton)
  • Warwick: Train 48 mins (Nuneaton), 1h 27 mins (Hinckley), drive around 30 mins (Hinckley & Nuneaton)
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon: Drive around 43 mins (Nuneaton), 40 mins (Hinckley)

So, for those dedicated to getting out and about, Nuneaton just takes the lead with the overall shortest times to some of the area’s busiest attractions.

To avoid getting stuck in congestion around the town centers, those looking to be able to get in and out quickly and take full advantage of their prime transport network positions should take a look at:

  • Hinckley: Areas near Sketchley Grange, giving great access to the M6 and A5
  • Nuneaton: Areas around Weddington, giving great access to A5 and A444 (direct to Twycross Zoo)



Due to proximity to a huge amount of warehousing and distribution, there is no shortage of jobs available at many different levels all around the local area. From large employers like DPD and DHL, to swathes of games development companies in Leamington Spa. Additionally, both towns also make a great place to live for commuting to and/from Birmingham with its large amount and variety of jobs on offer:

  • Hinckley Jobs Available – 1,344* jobs are available in September 2022
  • Nuneaton Jobs Available –  1,732* jobs are available in September 2022
  • Birmingham Jobs Available – 4,520* jobs are available in September 2022
  • Warwick Jobs Available – 1,490* jobs are available in September 2022
  • Leamington Spa Jobs Available – 1,715* jobs are available in September 2022

So a total of 10,801* jobs within an easily commutable area! Nuneaton just takes the lead once again with an extra 388 vacancies available.

*All data taken from


child working hard in school

From independent to public schools and Montessori to primary schools. There is a wide variety of great and not-so-great schools in and around Hinckley and Nuneaton. Let’s take look at the best ones as rated by Ofsted:

  1. Higham Lane School, Shanklin Dive, Nuneaton, ages 11 – 18, Ofsted rating: Outstanding
  2. Abbey CofE Infant School, Aston Road, Nuneaton, ages 2 – 7, Ofsted rating: Outstanding
  3. Westfield Infant School, Ashford Road, Hinckley, ages 4 – 7, Ofsted rating: Outstanding

The above shows the only current outstanding Ofsted-rated schools. Nuneaton is the clear winner here, with both schools covering the majority of age ranges, with the exception of 8 – 11. Higham Lane is situated within the Weddington area of Nuneaton, the same area we identified as being great for getting straight onto local transport networks.

Leisure & Recreation

Family at the zoo with a giraffe

Looking for a zoo? check. Looking for nightlife? check. Looking for world-class shopping less than half an hour away? check. Yes, there is a lot to do within the area, both out in the countryside and in the surrounding cities.

Nuneaton and Hinckley are both very well located for accessing everything there is to do in this area of the Midlands. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular attractions:

  • Twycross Zoo – A short trip down the A444 takes you to this well-renowned zoo. Ideal for family trips and the chance to become a zookeeper for the day!
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  • Pesto Restaurant – Conveniently located for both Nuneaton and Hinckley, this attractive tapas-themed restaurant is a great place to visit after work or at the weekend with its good value menu and suntrap terrace.
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  • Bosworth Battlefield – More for those looking at Hinckley, this ancient battlefield has been turned into a fantastic tourist attraction, with woodland walks and visitor centre. A great place to walk the dogs!
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  • Kingsbury Waterpark – Lending itself to those looking at Nuneaton, it features a miniature railway, cycle tracks, footpaths and a great cafe in over 600 acres of space.
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  • Tropical Birdland – Closer to Hinckley, see an amazing variety of over 250 tropical birds and free-flying parrots. SEt in 6.5 acres, this is a great place to take the kids.
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Property Prices

birds eye view of properties

Now for the most important factor for moving to Hinckley or Nuneaton – what can you get for your money? Let’s take a look at some of the best bargains on the market during September 2022:

  • 1-bed apartment: Hinckley £110,000, Nuneaton £85,000
  • 2-bed apartment: Hinckley £120,000, Nuneaton £100,000
  • 2-bed terrace: Hinckley £150,000, Nuneaton £140,000
  • 3-bed semi-detached: Hinckley £190,000, Nuneaton £170,000
  • 4-bed detached: Hinckley £325,000, Nuneaton £275,000
  • Most expensive: Hinckley £1,275,000, Nuneaton £2,000,000

So overall, based on properties on the market in September 2022, Nuneaton reigns the champ for cheaper properties in all categories and has the most expensive property available.

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