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Moving: The ‘To Do’ List

When moving, you’ll notice that the success of a house move hinges on organisation. To simplify things considerably and to organise your pre-move time well, you’re going to need a moving timeline. In reality, a moving timeline is a moving out checklist that not only tells you what to do but also when you should do it.

For a quick, fuss-free list to keep you prepared and organised whilst moving, go for a tick-off system into the weeks running up to the removal day. This will prove a lot more efficient and faster than trying to plan and organise everything from the top of your head.

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8 Weeks before moving out

Find a reliable home removals company. Ensure the business you choose can provide all the services you may need such as:

Packing services:  A great option to cover breakables and more delicate items you may not have the time or confidence to pack correctly.

Dismantle services: Very useful for dismantling beds, wardrobes, desks and anything (which you can use a screwdriver for!) and then reassemble at your new property.

Protection whilst in transit: To ensure your mattresses, flooring and TVs are protected with professional covers.

Large items: To cover items such as pianos and artwork.

Storage: Many moves can be delayed, so ensure you are not stuck without anywhere to store your items until your new home is ready.

Finally! Make sure your removals team is professional & fully insured to conduct your move.

6 Weeks before moving out

  • Gather boxes, paper and bubble wrap for packing or use ours. Lower your packing costs by using second-hand boxes for free. First of all, ask friends, neighbours, and colleagues if they have any cardboard boxes they don’t really need. Your local supermarket will usually have boxes lying around too.
  • Sort through all of your belongings and sell or give away any unwanted items.
  • Start packing and labeling boxes clearly.
  • Clear out the sheds, loft and garage.

4 Weeks before moving out

  • Make a detailed list of all of the important people who need to be communicated regarding your move (including schools, opticians, mobile network providers, doctors, utilities, DVLA etc.) And then you will need to inform your employer, pension provider, council tax office and bank to make sure they are fully aware that you are moving. You’ll need to give them your new address to ensure no important documents get sent to your previous residence.
  • Start taking down any fitted items that are coming with you, such as shelves, pictures etc.
  • Arrange child and/or pet care for the day of your move.
  • Don’t forget any garden items and organise your plans for the move, ensuring they have proper tubs to transport them in.

2 Weeks before moving out

  • Prepare ‘Open First’ boxes as you’re packing up your things. These are essential boxes that will contain essential items that you will need while your regular everyday stuff is in transit and you won’t have access to it. Also known as survival kits, those boxes will stay with you at all times. Pack a box of personal items that will be needed immediately at your new home, such as toiletries, kettle and toaster.
  • Organise and set aside any items that you are taking with you so that they don’t get loaded on the van by mistake.

7 Days before Moving out

  • Clean out white goods and defrost the fridge & freezer so it’s ready for the move. Defrost your fridge a couple of days before movers arrive. Clean it and let it dry up completely for at least 24 hours.
  • Spring clean your home and make sure you’ve packed everything you need; double-check all rooms, corners, cupboards, shelves and wardrobes for anything you may have accidentally forgotten.

Moving Day

  • Get up early. There is always something extra to do on moving day which has not been initially planned. Or something may come up at the last minute, so you’d better be there, ready for anything and stay away from serious moving day mistakes that can ruin your chances of a successful move.
  • Confirm that your movers have your destination address and your phone number in case of a problem.
  • Take one final walk through the home to see whether everything looks like it should be. Check whether all windows and doors are closed and secured before you leave the place.
  • Check all windows are closed and doors are locked.
  • Disconnect everything from your old property, write down your meter readings and inform your utility companies.
  • Make a note for the new owners with the alarm code and any instructions for heating/appliances.
  • Hand over keys for your home to the estate agent or buyer.
  • Collect the keys to your new home!

If you’re coming to that 8-week mark, why not book Leicester Movers & Storers on 0116 43000 47.

We ensure every home move is tailored to your unique situation and a removal solution made to fit. We appreciate every client is different and needs a bespoke removals service – whether home or office both locally and nationwide.