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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to some of the most common questions asked about home removals

    This largely depends on the type of home removals company you choose. A basic man and van may only load a vehicle and deliver your goods. The more reputable and experienced removals company can offer the full suite of removal services, even within the basic moving cost. For example a high level of protection for your goods in transit.

    The key to choosing your moving company, apart from the reviews, is the reputation and calibre. This is because better removal firms will employ the man who “stacks”. This is the team member who is responsible for playing the carefully skilled art of ‘Tetris’ with your belongings before the voyage from your new property has commenced. This is a skillset few possess and is acquired over years of removal projects.

    Many firms offer varying levels of protection for furniture (for example, specific covers for sofas or TV’s), but the ‘Tetris’ game is the crucial variant and a priority task on your home moving day. The basic cost should cover the following:

    • Safe and careful removal of goods from house to lorry.
    • Some basic dismantling in order to remove goods from the current property.
    • The loading and stacking of furniture (Tetris like!) into the removal lorries.
    • Transport from A to B.
    • Safe unloading from the lorry and into the new property.
    • Location of all furniture into the correct rooms and position as instructed by you – the customer.

    Insurance is a given by any reputable removals company. The level and extent of the cover you receive depends very much on the company you decide to go with. It’s always worth enquiring about the level of insurance protection and asking for a copy of the documents. Most movers offer a basic level of cover within the cost of the removal (see part 1 above). There is often the option to pay for additional cover in bands, depending on the assessment for different levels of damage cover. Every removals company should have public liability, as stipulated by their association, to a minimum of £1m cover and have individual coverage for their employees.

    A standard amount of cover included in a basic moving fee usually ranges from between £10k and £50k for goods in transit. This is the main type of home removals cover that protects your goods against any damage or loss during transit when going from A to B on moving day.

    Unfortunately, this is not something that is in the control of the removals company and is one of the main causes of stress on moving day. The answer to this question can rely on several variants, which are listed below and most of which you will have limited control over. It is best to plan and prepare for everything that is within your control, bar the last 1% which is on the list below:

    1. The position you hold in your chain – being at the top or bottom could mean delays!
    2. The ability of your lawyer/conveyancer
    3. Your Bank – speed of transfer of funds and the point at which you and your buyers get your funds in the system
    4. What day you choose (or have chosen) for moving day
    5. The ability of your moving company
    6. The ability of your buyer’s moving company
    7. Your organisation – have you packed, labelled, unwanted furniture cleared, packed by your mover, professionally?

    This is heavily dependent on your position in the chain and your buyer’s ability to make vacant possession. Therefore, their organisation and quality of the removals company they have chosen is often a pretty crucial consideration. Even regardless of how fast your funds have been transferred to confirm the new property is actually yours, the speed of the previous occupant or whether the property is even vacant! There is the possibility they have made the decision not to use a removals business at all and are transporting all of their goods out of their old property themselves and have gone way over the time limits of legal completion! So in essence, it’s not your own removals company you need to be worried about!
    The key point here is to be prepared yourself, pick a good home removals firm and the rest will look after itself!

    This is the process by which your removal company, removes and boxes up individual pieces of furniture into cardboard cartons prior to moving day, ready for loading and moving to your new home.

    For example, a sideboard contains china and glassware; which your mover will wrap, protect, box and label. This ensures it is then unpacked in the right place at the new location. It’s important not to confuse this with the basic home removals function. The key here is that contents are boxed and it goes further into the moving process, whereby your items are removed and loaded.

    Exactly how well this is conducted, is again down to the reputation and quality of your chosen removals firm (check reviews!). The next precursor to packing is the level of packing or type you choose from your mover. Some removal companies offer different and varying types and some do not offer this service at all. This is sometimes a good acid test! If they can offer the full range of packing services, this often sets the precedent for how good your mover really is.

    The three main types of packing are listed below:

    • Full Pack – This includes everything from your kitchen to your garage contents. If you’re seriously up against it and don’t have the time, it’s well worth the additional cost to the moving fee.
    • Part Pack – This is up to the customer. Some people dread their kitchen, so often choose this packing option or choose just downstairs/upstairs. It really is down to the individual.
    • Breakables – Some clients have numerous items in their house which hold value and they don’t have the confidence in packing themselves. So for peace of mind and insurance purposes, they allocate the removal company to pack. It’s important to note that some items packed by the client (if packed poorly) would not be covered. It’s therefore good to ask your chosen firm about their particular policy on “self-packing”.

    A good removals company will give you an estimate of the quantity and type of removal box. If you are going it alone, you should follow these simple rules:

    • If it is delicate and breakable put it in a smaller, more compact box (preferably double-walled).
    • If it large and light. use a larger, more spacious box. Important – Don’t overload large boxes with heavy books!
    • Don’t mix contents within boxes! For example, if your packing china, keep the box only to china, do not mix it with other materials or your belongings could sustain damage.
    • Buy a dedicated box for clothes called a “wardrobe carton”. These are excellent for transporting clothes and if you don’t have wardrobes built yet, they offer an excellent temporary measure for protecting those garments which you simply can’t afford to crease – like suits and dresses etc.

    This is the golden question and essentially what you’re paying for! The level of protection and style conducted by your removals firm will ultimately decide how much (if any) damage occurs during your move. Most home moving companies will use some degree of protection in transit. This could be using thick moving blankets for example. When the removals vehicle arrives on moving day, these blankets should be piled neatly at the back of the vehicle. If they have plenty of blankets, this means more for your belongings and is often a good sign!

    In the removals industry, there are various covers for sofas and furniture to protect against scratches, rips, tears and impacts that may arise during transit. Again if your removals company is playing the game of ‘Tetris’ correctly(!) and not overloading, there really shouldn’t be a problem! After carefully positioning and covering your items in the vehicles, your removals team will strap (after a number of stacks) in order to stop any movement. Items will also be positioned specifically to stop movement and heavier items will be positioned on the floor of the vehicle. Items with little or no weight will of course be placed towards the top.

    The key to picking a good removals company is recommendation and reviews. Get a company that scores highly and you’re likely to find a winner. Often, good firms are booked up early, so getting the very best is sometimes not possible. Also, the period between exchange and completion is diminishing, especially in these trying times – battling a pandemic and a stamp duty rush! Getting a recommendation from a third party such as an estate agent often carries some weight.

    Be aware of pitfalls as of course, some reviews can be fake and some agents are on retainers. If you can, get a friend’s referral and if the reviews collaborate, it’s highly likely you have found genuine reviews. Trade accreditation is something to look out for too. The speed at which your quotation is returned, the format and overall professionalism are also strong indicators of a good company.

    A site visit for the survey is important but not always necessary, as long as the pricing and inventory are accurate. In this day and age, many successful moves have been achieved from inventories taken over the phone or online. If your property is on the larger side and/or has difficult access, it is advised to get the removals company out to your property in-person, to look over your particulars.

    This question is frequently asked and it really is up to you. If you feel more confident with an on-site survey, then go with this – sometimes this is the best option. In light of the pandemic, we have conducted numerous surveys over the phone, which have led to very successful moves. It is important to note the mechanism by which moving details are provided, the amount that is accurate and also (to a very large extent) the “honesty” of the client.

    If an accurate and honest description of goods is not provided, this can lead to disaster on moving day. The wrong vehicle and the wrong size team will be sent to the job and the move will fail. Attempting to save small amounts of money will only delay your move and your removal company on moving day. This can potentially lead to further charges if the extent of missing items becomes considerable.

    If your property is on the larger side, there is a distance to cover and you require most removal services, it is advisable to get a survey at your property and if there is a substantial amount of goods, this is definitely recommended. If your property is more conservative and you don’t have a substantial inventory, a “phone inventory” may well suffice.

    If you can convey all your details or have had previous quotations, sometimes even larger removals can be surveyed over the phone or online. If your removals company is serious about moving, 9/10 they will come out to your property or business – time constraints notwithstanding!

    LMS - Answering Your Questions About Home Removals

    "Really professional and took a lot of the stress out of my long-distance re-location away from the East Midlands. Lee and his team were first class in every sense. Highly recommended."
    Joel H

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    Nigel Doughty
    Nigel Doughty
    20:38 05 Apr 21
    Lee and his team did an amazing job at moving us from Leicester to South Wales. This was our second time using them and... as always, from booking with Lee to his team turning up and moving us we felt in safe hands. LMS were professional, quick and friendly. They stored our belongings overnight before the official moving in day giving us some much needed time to turn our house around ready for its new owners. We would highly recommend Lee and the LMS team for their hard work and moving us safely.read more
    Allan Ralph
    Allan Ralph
    18:28 02 Apr 21
    I was referred to Leicester Movers and Storers by another removal company.I called Lee Robinson and although I was... sure we would move on the given date I couldn't actually confirm. In the end after discussing a number of options including that of putting our belongings into storage for a few days we managed to do the move on the day. The crew were brilliant. They emptied the house at an incredibly fast pace and were no less quick when moving in. Everything was in the right place and there was no damage. We were forced to leave them to it for about 30 minutes we were so pleased. I would definitely use them again.read more
    James McArthur
    James McArthur
    19:46 04 Mar 21
    The LMS team just moved us. Perfect job . Few things I thought they would struggle with but no questions asked and they... just got on with it. Finished early and has us moved in quick. They took good care of our things.read more
    Stuart Craig
    Stuart Craig
    13:11 08 Feb 21
    LMS Helped us move out of our house in a protracted house sale and purchase, we needed to change from a one day moving... service to moving and storage over Christmas which they accommodated at short notice. They also accommodated some extra complications on moving out day and waved additional cost which was very helpful. Both moving in and out were speedy and all the movers were polite and helpful.read more
    Priscilla Pathak
    Priscilla Pathak
    10:20 24 Jan 21
    We are very pleased with the service we received from Lee and his team. Fantastic guys! We moved out of county, had to... move in 2 shifts, initially in to a temporary accommodation while half of our stuff was in storage, then 4 weeks later moved in to the new home. It sounded complicated but they made it easy and everything went smoothly. We highly recommend them.read more
    Simon Ross
    Simon Ross
    14:51 17 Jan 21
    Absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. Lee and his team were excellent from start to... finish. They were on time, hard working, professional and extremely efficient. Not to mention friendly and a pleasure to have in your home. They were also prepared to go above and beyond, when our keys were significantly delayed at the other end, which could have ended very badly. Highly recommended.read more
    april sharpless
    april sharpless
    10:23 04 Jan 21
    Lee and his team went out of their way to help me when my original removal company let me down. With only 24 hrs... notice, lee was able to confirm a highly professional and skilled team, to move me and my family to our new home. The team were very friendly and supportive and provided me with complete solutions to what could have been an extremely stressful time.I would not hesitate to recommend Lee and his team - they were great !!read more
    Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith
    22:15 12 Dec 20
    LMS removals did an excellent job for us today. They've been great at being flexible and waiting for us to get the... paperwork sorted so we can move and we were able to book them with 24 hours notice.They arrived on time, organised and knew exactly what they were doing. The team handled all our possessions carefully and every care was taken to protect everything. They even had special packaging for the TV. They made moving house a lot less stressful and we're very pleased with their work. I'd fully recommend them and would definitely use them again.read more
    Peter Hotchin
    Peter Hotchin
    09:04 18 Nov 20
    Lee Robinson and his team were excellent. They arrived on time and moved furniture, etc efficiently and speedily to our... new house. Their work ethic was brilliant and they took away all the stress of the move with their positivity and humour.I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering moving.read more
    Pete Roeber
    Pete Roeber
    12:43 13 Nov 20
    Lee and his team were fast and professional, and provided extra materials (boxes, bags, tape etc) when we ran out. They... were careful with all of our stuff, and also had lots of helpful moving advice. A class act and would recommend.read more
    Allison Cowley
    Allison Cowley
    18:42 19 Oct 20
    I had problems with the house that I was initially moving to and Lee was fantastic with helping us out by changing the... dates of the move at short notice. When we finally sorted ourselves out, the lads were great. The loading and unloading was quick and efficient and all done with a smile. Very good value for money. Would definitely use LMS again 😊read more
    James Duncan
    James Duncan
    21:10 31 Mar 20
    Lee and his team rescued my move at the last minute when a well known national chain cancelled on me. I cannot... recommend them highly enough.read more
    Demetrius Gonsalves
    Demetrius Gonsalves
    20:52 12 Feb 20
    Leicester movers were very supportive and professional when we were moving into our new house. Our quote was very... competitive and great value for money. We had items that required specialist attention. Leicester movers were very accommodating and ensure that our items arrived at our new home in the same condition as they left our previous home.read more
    Jenny Mackay
    Jenny Mackay
    07:03 10 Feb 20
    Lee was brilliant at keeping in touch through the whole booking process, and reassured me when I had to change dates.... Great communication throughout. Lads did an excellent job on the day of the move, very efficient! Thank you!read more
    Nic Katona
    Nic Katona
    10:31 20 Jan 20
    Lee and team were very helpful and professional during my move. Prompt responses and friendly moving team were greatly... appreciated. I appreciate all the help they provided in making my move rather painless!read more
    12:46 04 Dec 19
    “I was very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown by Leicester Movers and Storers. This was the first... move for us after 34 years in the same house. From the initial discussion to the final move, helpful advice given regarding our possessions, the services we could utilize and the packing boxes provided . On the day, the removal from our house to van took just over two and a half hours ( faster than I thought) ( also helped with a problem at the house we moved into, I would recommend Lee and his team, the knowledge and experience showed) Tim Gormley Dip PFS”read more
    Alison Horton
    Alison Horton
    13:43 23 Nov 19
    Helpful, effective and careful packing. Plenty of sturdy boxes provided. Friendly, efficient and skilful team. Very... pleased with the service. Move completed very quickly.read more
    Gerard McGrane
    Gerard McGrane
    18:46 13 Nov 19
    Having recently used the services of Leicester Movers And Storers I would like to express my sincere thanks to the... simple professional and very efficient service they offer. The process is easy to follow and the care and attention which is dealt with by every department is amazing. Not only do they offer a highly professional service, but unlike other companies which I have used in the past, TrueType seem to care. The attention to detail is amazing Would I recommend these absolutely, good luck finding a better serviceread more
    Roger Goodwin
    Roger Goodwin
    22:53 12 Nov 19
    Lee and his team provided a great service, professional and reliable they came highly recommended and didn’t... disappoint. Took the stress out of packing and great value.read more
    lee robinson
    lee robinson
    14:15 12 Nov 19
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